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Blink, and you missed it.  In-attention and its gone!  By bike, foot, or car, the joining of two historic trails is easily missed.

The joining of the Appalachian Trail by the C&O Canal is just a few miles from Gaithersburg.  The C&O Canal is a mere 184 miles; the Appalachian Trail extends from Georgia to Maine -- over 2,100 miles.

Actually, the Trail follows the Canal for about 3 miles, from about 100 yards upstream of Lock 31 (Milepost 58.01) to Harper's Ferry.  The photo on the left is the juncture at Lock 31.

Living close to the C&O Canal, we are familiar with the easy rise and fall of the broad towpath.  While there may be mud puddles and/or larger gravel, it is generally an easy walk or bike ride. 

The Appalachian Trail is a different animal completely. 

Marked by the white, vertical rectangle, the Trail heads North from the Canal across Keep Tryst Road.  This part follows an abandoned railroad spur that once serviced the valley.

After climbing a bit, you go under Highway 340 (notice the white rectangle under the bridge!).  If you look down while you are under the bridge, you will see the remains of an abandoned railroad bridge.

As you walk the Trail, you are very happy that you wore heavier hiking shoes/boots because the Trail is not as gentle as the Canal.  The photo on the bottom right gives you an idea of the twisting path of the Trail. Please note again the white, vertical rectangle that marks the trail. 

You can either join the Trail at Weverton, or on the Canal.  To get to a parking/pickup place at Weverton, go on Highway 340 West to Highway 67 (Boonesboro); take your first right on Weverton Road; there is a parking spot just off the road on your right.  The Trail can be picked up on the eastern side of the parking area.

For more information, you can go to the following web sites:

Appalachian Trail Conference (ATC)

and the National Park Service C&O Canal


Copyright 2013  All rights reserved.

Privacy Statement

Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited


Copyright 2013  All rights reserved.

Privacy Statement

Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited