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Some History of the Lindsey Family

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Christmas Train

Best Friend of Charleston

Pop becomes a Deacon

Sam Lindsey Jr. Day

Lindsey Termite Control

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Sam Jr and Sr

Nonnie's Stories -- Early Years

Camp Car 1926

Sam Lindsey, Sr. Obituary

Dr. S. W. Lindsey Obituary

John Lindsey Tribute

John Lindsey Pictures

Family Folklore -- John Lindsey 1852

John Lindsey Jr. Obituary

King's Mountain - A Poem

Loughridge Family Notes

Ellene B. Lindsey Obituary

Eloise Lindsey Wallace Obituary

Caleb Lindsey 1807 Obituary

Timmers Oral History

Timmers Oral History: Page 2

Timmers Oral History: Page 3

Timmers Oral History: Page 4

Timmers Oral History: Page 5


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The Lindsey Family moved to Laurel, MS around the beginning of the 1900's.  In 1899, John Lindsey invented the eight-wheeled "Lindsey" wagon, revolutionizing the timber industry. This was also the first company in Mississippi to completely manufacture a product in State.

For information on the movement and genealogy of the Lindsey Family from 1740 to the present, you can visit the Lindsey Genealogy Index.

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