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Caleb Lindsey

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Obituary [From Lindsey Family Bible by Miss L.E. Lindsey]

Dr. Caleb Lindsey is no more. He was born in Newberry District, South Carolina 16th June 1807. Graduated at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia; settles as a practitioner of medicine in Alabama and removed to Jasper County, Mississippi and afterwards to Pass Christian, Mississippi, and at his residence, eight miles from the sea coast, on the evening of the 23rd of May 1874 breathed his last on earth. For a long time he had suffer from diabetes, and a short time prior to his death softening of the brain ensued. He was followed to the "City of the Dead" in Pass Christian by a large concourse of citizens, and was interred by his Masonic brethren. One old citizen remarked that it was the largest Masonic funeral ever known in the place.
He was originally an old line Whig, was for the Union before, during and ever since the war. He was a man of positive character, honest in his convictions, and firm to maintain them. He served two sessions in the Legislature, and was ever ready to promote as far as he understood, the best interests of the state. Ever ready and active as the youngest member, he was never known to shirk from duty regardless of friend or foe. He early avowed himself a Republican, notwithstanding the odium, which at that time attached to a Southern man by those unwilling to accept the situation. At the time of his death he held the office of Collector of Customs at Shieldisboro (?). He was eminently an earnest man in whatever he undertook. he was well versed in his profession and successful in its practice. He was of an affectionate nature and in the bosom of his family shone pre-eminent. He had not the faculty possessed of some of claiming every acquaintance as a friend. His intimates were very few but toward them there was exhibited an ardor of attachment of which the world though him not possessed of. He was fearless in his declaration of principles and would have died in their defense. With all this varied attainments and knowledge of the world, in his family and among his intimate friends, he was noted for the simplicity of manners (?) and gentleness of heart belonging to a child. The bosom of his family was truly to him his heaven on earth. May our Divine Master sanctify this heavy bereavement to the good of the family of the deceased. May He in (?) protect and support them. And may the hope by them be entertained of meeting the loved one where parting is no more and grief can never come.



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