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James Madison Lindsey

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Born: October 30, 1856: 4 o'clock Thursday morning.
In: Turnbull, Monroe County, Alabama
Died: October 7, 1909
In: Laurel, Mississippi
Relationship with Father: Natural
Relationship with Mother: Natural
Occupation: Farmer
Notes J. “Matt” Lindsey was killed in a run-away horse and buggy accident on October 7, 1909, which started on Second Avenue near the Kingston M.E. church and ended in a grove off Thirteenth Street.  Emmett Q. Yates, of the real estate firm of Yates, Saunders & Yates, was driving Mr. Lindsey back to town after they had been to look at some property.  The horse started with a bold dash.  Mr. Yates was thrown clear, but Mr. Lindsey got tangled in the lines, and his head got caught between the shaft and the wheel.  The horse was from the Lee’s livery stable and will be remembered for his runaway with Mr. C. Taylor and Miss Gray a few weeks before, when he tore through Dunagin-Whitaker’s plate glass store front.  He is a very dangerous animal.  Mr. Lindsey owned a farm north of Laurel out Fifth Avenue.  He was an innovative truck farmer.  He donated the land for the Charity Hospital at Laurel.
   He introduced tomatoes to this area and encouraged people to grow them to eat and to ship up to the eastern markets.  He formed and was president of the Southern Truck-Growers League.
  He gave the land in North Laurel for a Park, Lake and the Charity Hospital.
Wife: Lillie Jane Parker
Married: June 4, 1908
In: Laurel, Mississippi
Children: Sam Lindsey
  Virginia Adella Lindsey
  Will Lindsey
  Jefferson Donald Lindsey
  Jane Lindsey
  Iva Lindsey
  Bettie Lindsey
  Henry Madison Lindsey

Residence of James Madison Lindsey

3104 N. 5th Ave., Laurel, MS

Now owned and restored by his great grandson, Madison Lindsey

Photo taken October 1986

The home was built in 1901 and faces east.  At one time it overlooked a plantation that extended from the home to the Marathon Mill.

James Madison Lindsey Residence

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