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Saturday, Oct. 24, 1992 was 

"Sam Lindsey Day" In Meridian, MS


Left Picture: Sam Lindsey Jr. with Mayor of Meridian, MS and Quadracycle.

Right Picture: Lindsey Blackstock (grandson), Jane Crawford (daughter), Penelope Prewitt (cousin), Helen Lindsey (wife), Sam Lindsey III (son)

But for train buffs in Laurel, just about any day is a good time to drop in at the Hobby Corner Model Trains for a chat with Sam Lindsey Jr.

"We opened the store about 21 years ago for one reason. My son and I were both into model trains, and we couldn't find what we wanted," he said. "It wound up, we have the biggest and best train store in Mississippi."

In the beginning, the store carried other things besides just trains, Lindsey said, but the decision was quickly made to stock only trains. "We just decided to stick with what we love," he said. Originally known as just the Hobby Comer, Lindsey admits the store was misnamed, but “We’re just keeping the name anyway The name really isn't important, since people from all over the state know about the store anyway.”

"We have school groups from all over come in," Lindsey said, and people even drop by from out of state to visit. Because of his age and now that his children are no longer in Laurel, Lindsey said, he decided in June to sell the store to Allen Strange, but he has no intention of leaving. "I'm putting in more time than before I sold it," he said. "I love it. Its just part of me." Lindsey said his love for trains goes back to his early childhood.

"I'm 73. 1 was born and raised right down on Second Avenue, a block from the railroad track," he said.

Although he was always interested in trains, Lindsey said he never worked for a railroad, probably because it would have meant having to leave Laurel. "Laurel's my home. I love it here," he said. "The next place I move to is going to be heaven."

Lindsey said "Sam Lindsey Day" will be a part of Meridian's second annual Union Station Rail Fest in recognition of some railway artifacts he donated for a train museum that's being built there.

Lindsey donated a quadracycle and a unicycle, both of which were used in the early days to deliver messages. The quadracycle was a light-weight vehicle that could be put on and taken off the tracks by a single person. Federal railway official Gil Carmichael is expected to be, there for the event, Lindsey said.

By DANA GOWER Staff writer, Laurel Leader-Call Thursday, Oct. 15, 1992

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