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Definitive 8 Wheel Log Wagon

Lindsey Log Trailer on 1932 GMC Truck

This is perhaps the definitive 8 Wheel Log Wagon.  This was taken, I believe, of the wagon that is now on loan to the Mississippi Agricultural Museum in Jackson, MS. Wagon at work in the woods.  Notice that this is a later version with the spoked wheels. This photo is from the September, 1981 "Dixie Truck Trader".

"This photo of a 1932 GMC truck and Lindsey Log Trailer was sent to us by E.C. Foster of Natchez, Mississippi.

The truck was owned by E. C. Foster's father, R. D. Foster.  The elder Foster was a logger from the time he was 14 years old until he died at the age of 72.

Picture of an almost new Wagon in a downtown setting.  Notice the articulation between the trucks, between the trucks and the bolsters. Lindsey Wagon Factory (date unknown).  The building in the far right of the picture still exists and is being moved and restored by the City of Laurel.

A copy of the business card from the Lindsey Wagon Company.  Notice the size of the log.

My father had loaded this log on the wagon , it contained 2916 board feet of lumber. This same picture is in the caption of your site. Our original copy of this photo has been lost down thru the ages. Daddy was proud of the fact that he had helped in making the photo possible by loading the large log on a LINDSEY 8 Wheeler. He made note that the log was smooth cut because it was not the Butt cut of the tree. The lower section had
been left in the woods as it was too large for even a Lindsey wagon.

[Info provided by: Bob Reynolds ,born in Sunflower county Miss, resided in Florida since 1960.Worked on early Space Programs (Mercury and Gemini) ,retiring after 28 1/2 years with
McDonnell Douglas.]


Also notice the poles and chains stored under the log.  These were used for unloading the wagon.

Early 8 Wheel Log Wagon: notice the solid wheels. A guess at the time is about 1900 when John Lindsey had a sawmill in Jasper County, Mississippi The "Lindsey Lumber Co." image shows (according to the
description on the back) Dr. S.W. Lindsey with a foot on the front tire, Sam Lindsey Sr., at the back of the cab with a foot on the running board, George
Robinson with his hand on his hip and Will Fuller to his right wearing a cap.
Mainly a view of oxen, but there is a wagon loaded behind them.  This picture is probably typical of the area where the 8 Wheel Wagon worked in the South.  The rough growth behind the wagon.

Pneumatic Tired Lindsey Wagon

Garland 8 Wheel Wagon

  This is the only photograph I have found of this variation of the Lindsey Wagon.  Notice the pneumatic tires.  Until I found this photo, I had never heard of this variation. A competitor!!!!

Some of these pictures are from the historical collection at the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art in Laurel, Mississippi with special thanks to Sandy Hayes, Librarian.


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Copyright 2013  All rights reserved.

Privacy Statement

Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited