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Gulf & Ship Island RR - History

"Biloxi Daily Herald" Twentieth Century Coast Edition 1902 Page 79


Gulf & Ship Island RR History from Biloxi Herald

Gulf & Ship Island Locomotives

Gulf & Ship Island RR Locomotive Pictures

Saratoga: A logging Town

Area served by Gulf & Ship Island Railroad




Not a New Enterprise


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Gulfport Harbor and Terminals

Products of the Country


The main line of the Gulf & Ship Island Railroad, 160 miles in length extends from Gulfport, Miss., on the Mississippi Sound, Gulf of Mexico, north and northwest to Jackson, the State capital.

A branch, four miles long, connects Gulfport with the village of Handsboro,

Another branch diverges from the main line at Maxie forty‑four miles from Gulfport, and extends forty‑eight miles to Columbia, on Pearl River.

A third branch leaves the main road at Saratoga, 111 miles from Gulfport, and forty‑nine miles from Jackson, and run east forty‑one miles to Laurel.

The total length of the railroad, owned and operated, is 253 miles.



The company operates under a perpetual charter granted before the present State Constitution was adopted* In addition to all of the usual concessions to railways and some special ones, V Company has the important advantage or rights to the land under water half a mile wide extending six miles Into Mississippi Sound, Since the adoption of the now State Constitution no charter can be obtained by a railroad except one revocable at the pleasure of the legislature. Hence, the Company's charter is of itself a valuable asset.


Not a New Enterprise:

The Company was chartered in 1882, and the line from Gulfport to Hattiesburg was opened for business January 1, 1897, the extension from Hattiesburg to Jackson been operated since July, 1900, and the Columbia and Laurel branches since September, 1900.



Exceptional facilities are afforded by the Company’s rail connections for the interchange of traffic. Gulfport, the southern terminus is situated on the main line of the Louisville Nashville Railroad.  At Hattiesburg, seventy miles north of Gulfport, the Gulf & Ship Island intersects the New Orleans & Northeastern railroad (Queen & Crescent Route), while both the Columbia branch and the Laurel branch connect with the New Orleans & Northeastern, At Jackson, its northern terminus, the Gulf & Ship Island connects with the Yazoo & Mississippi Valley railroad, and with the Alabama and Vicksburg railway (Queen & Crescent Route). Still a further outlet is supplied by shipping on the Gulf of Mexico; The Company is accorded the use of a convenient part of the Illinois Central yard for terminals at Jackson.


[This information is from the "Biloxi Daily Herald".]


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