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Oregon Logging Museum visit in 1985

Oregon Logging

Pacific Lumber

8 Wheel Log WagonLindsey 8 Wheel Log Wagon in Oregon.  This design originated in Laurel, MS to haul Yellow Pine out of the swampy areas of the South.  It's ability to haul heavy loads over rough terrain made it useful in almost every logging situation; including South America.

  First horse-drawn High Wheels brought to North-West from Eastern forests and used widely in the Pine until 1920.  Good on level terrain, but no braking action on slopes.  Horses sometimes had to outrun the load downhill.  Loaded with tongue unhitched and raised back.  Lowering tongue raised load from the ground.  Hauled up to 800 board feet of logs.

Early Hydraulic Lift Logging Arch:  Developed in 1920's for use by tractors for short hauling of heavier loads, these arches could drag 32 foot lengths and had an average capacity of 3000 board feet.  These were replaced in the 1930's by better arches with tractor treads.

Another skidder sized for the logs it would carry.  Note size of log in background and the size of the skidder compared to the man (my father) inspecting it.

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