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Furring strips on concrete block walls.  Notice pipe going from ceiling to floor Sheetrock is applied - a first for me.  Lots of sanding and ill thoughts. Painted it doesn't look so bad.
Then my wife added clouds for me.  Notice the pipe painted over A test bed for me to experiment with 3-rail instead of HO track. A little scenery added to the test bed.  Atlas track is being used.
Put a log car along with some larger, built-up trees to get a sense of scale. Well, the test bed was looking so good that I decided to incorporate it into the layout, so I am building the framework -- L-girder with 3/4" plywood on top (basically a flat area I am modeling) with ceiling tile glued to the plywood and the track screwed to the ceiling tile. Here is how I am working around the corner.  Notice the clouds -- they will become part of the landscape just like it appears here.

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