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Update March 2010 - Forest Time!

I am starting off with Woodland Scenics tree armatures.  They are 2-dimensional plastic with some molded bark and limbs.  The first thing I do with them is to paint them.  Spray paint works great. After they are painted, I take them and twist the trunks to move them from 2 to 3 dimensional.  Then I apply Hob-e-tac and let it kind of dry (it becomes very sticky!)  While it is drying, I blend some of the foliage so that the trees will not be all alike. This is the area on my layout where this forest will be going. It is in the far back corner and supposed to be an area for logging and swamp.  The first batch of trees are in place.
I have moved another batch of trees (I usually build 12-14 at a time). from the workbench to the layout. Materials used:

Woodland Scenics

coarse folage; fine follage; tree armatures (4-6"); white glue; scenic glue; and tall grass (for reeds).  The trees and the debris  in the foreground were part of the fine foliage pack.

OK; the mini-scene is getting toward completion.  I have added the loggers, some reeds (yellow stuff), and some swamp type debris. The glue hasn't dried on the latest tree addition so you can see a white ring around the base of some of the trees on the right. 

Thanks for your patience and viewing.  I hope you like the swamp I am trying to re-create.  I am having fun with it.  Of course, by the next update, I am liable to have decided to do something completely different!

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