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Update February 2010

I have changed the wiring on the layout to incorporate mostly TMCC (Trainmaster Control Consol).  The MRC transformer is there for accessory power and variable ac.  The drawing is approximately what the track plan looks like. On the far right hand front section of the layout, I have built a hill.  Here is a Weaver Brass 0-6-0 coming through the cut.  Scenery is not finished here by a long shot.  However, the Coca-Cola billboard is kind of neat.  I wanted a brass loco harkening back to my HO days. Looking from the control panel toward the Swamp.  The 2-8-4 is recent and is tmcc.  The cattle car and coral are post war and I am trying to get them working properly with Atlas track.  Also, the oil well is a new addition.  I have decided that the front of the layout will have operating items to entertain the grandchildren!
Here an Atlas diesel pulls a string of log cars toward the trestle over the swamp.  Scenery here is a lot further along than most other places.  I have used the Lionel 153 signals so I can tell at a glance how the switch is thrown.  I am using NJ International switch machines to give me a more positive throw as well as noting the way the switch is thrown.

About another couple of weeks of wiring and I will start back on scenery.  The scenery will work from the swamp forward and then spread.  Hopefully more updates soon!!

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