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May 2011

I purchased a Lionel 675 engine and 2466wx tender from eBay.  I knew they were "rough" when I bought them, but I wanted the 657 engine to convert to TMCC.  While I am waiting for more parts, I thought I would get the whistling tender working.  Unfortunately, the tender did not have the front truck; so I "scrounged" one up until I can get some parts.  So, here are the photos of the work so far.

Here is the tender with the temporary front truck.  I have just finished cleaning the shell with mild detergent and qui-tips. Shell is off.  You can see the really temporary nature of the front truck.  Some of the wiring was really getting brittle and the insulation was broken. This is the relay that operates the whistle.  Really a simple operation that looks for a DC signal from your transformer (and the whistle on the TMCC also works) to activate a magnet that pulls a plate up that makes an electrical connection and provides power to the motor that twirls the fan that makes the whistle sound.
This is the relay disassembled.  I took the brush plate off the motor to clean the brushes and the core for the motor.  To clean I used isopropyl alcohol and qu-tips. Here is the re-assembled unit with new wiring. 
While I have a basis for a working 2466wx whistling tender, and it works while standing still; when I move it on the rails, it causes a short.  Something doesn't like to be moved.  When I track this down, I will update.  Really a fun project.

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