Resume -- Sam Lindsey III






Over the past 40 or so years of work, I have been privileged to work with many, many honest, hard-working people. It is through the assistance and encouragement of these people that I have been able to succeed.

Not only have others helped me, they have given me opportunities to excel in many diverse areas. If you take the time to review my work experiences, you will note that diversity.

When I work with people, I try to understand their strengths and their limitations. In managing people, I have used that understanding to bring out the best in the individual toward the goals and accomplishments which have been set for us.

I have also managed to continue my education in new areas and apply that knowledge to my job.

I have continued to develop my skills and knowledge in the area of computers; at the same time I have continued with my first working love -- photography.

 I have learned not only how to utilize programs efficiently, but how to use them to do what I want; I have also learned the operating systems (and networking) to better understand how information is actually shared or protected; and I have assembled my own computers and networks so I would know the physical limitations of computer systems.

In photography, I have found that I have a knack for action pictures.  This is probably because I started taking sports pictures in college for the school newspaper and annual.


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