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Christ Episcopal Church

At this time no history of a very early Episcopal Church in St. Marys except death notice in Columbian Museum & Savannah Advertiser, 13 April 1812 (copied from Ga. Gen. Magazine #16, p. 1027).
"In St. Marys, Georgia, lately, Mrs. Judith Best, wife of Rev. Dr. Best, minister of the Episcopal Church."
Dr. Bullie's Notes by James Holmes, ed. Delma Presley. (Using in part, information from F. M. Adams, Vestyman.)
Congregation organized 1843 as Church of the Messiah. Wardens P. M. Nightingale, Col. Hallows, J. Mongin Smith. Vestrymen, Wm. H. Clark, F. M. Adams, James M. Smith, Elias Griswold, Augustus Mitchell. Rev. Joseph A. Shanklin minister.
Met in brick academy until church built in 1846.
James Silva: Early Reminiscences of Camden County Georgia.
Isarel Geer architect & builder
Arnow, Isaac F. "History of St. Marys's Camden County"
Conveyance to Miller, Hallows & George W. Wooley – etal by E. R. Albertie - 4 April 1844
Northern half Block 42. Deed Book 0/88
Malone, Henry Thompson - The Episcopal Church in Georgia 1733-1957
Entered Diocese of Georgia 1848
25 members in 1850
Holmes - 1863 Major Higgins (Thomas Wentworth) burned church. Communicatants numbered 30 to 40.
Episcopal Register #3, in Beatrice Long Collection
Byran-Lang Library p. 12 "The church, organ, etc., were all burned by men from the U. S. Fleet under Admiral DuPont."
Holmes - much of town had been previously destroyed by gunboats. Gunboat John Adams "practically destroyed the town." Townspeople had refugeed, but forces still in town fired on gunboat killing pilot."
Q/154 N/D on deed, Arnow says 1 January 1869, recorded 4 February 1869 Lease of Episcopal property to F. M. Adams, for 32 years. "On which the building formerly known as Episcopal Church, formerly known as Church of Messiah, stood."
Q/20 1 July 1869, warranty deed to F. M. Adams in trust for wife, Isabelle and daughter Fannie, northern half Block 42; 400 ft. east ' west on Conyers and 65 ft. so. on Seagrove and Wheeler Streets. Arnow says, this property held the house and stables.
Holmes - 1879, only 8 or 10 Episcopalions still in St. Marys. F. M. Adams had made repeated efforts to get Northern and to rebuild, all futile.
Episcopal Register - 10 October 1885 - "After long cessation - services began again in St. Marys. Monthly services by mission staff."
22 January 1889 - New chapel at St. Marys consecrated by Rt. Rev. 0. W. Beckwith.
Malone 1891 - St. Marys Church of Messiah organized, Parish D« G...P. Dodge.
Arnow - Deed 8 January 1902 - Fannie M. Adams gives warranty deed to Bishop C. Kenlock Nelson and his successors the entire north half of Block 42.
Southeast Georgian, 27 March 1914 - L. P. Frohock started additions on back of Episcopal Church 8x20 ft. choir and vestry rooms/ Porch will be added.
Camden County Tribune, 18 March 1976 - Tornado swept through St. Marys, Church severely damaged. Entire rear section lifted from foundation. Brick piers crumpled from impact. Plaster walls cracked and crack appears between steeple and roof.

[All historical information is from the “1985 Historical Buildings Survey of Saint Marys, Georgia” by Eloise Bailey and Bruce Powell, July 1985]

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