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Up into the Mountains:

Western Maryland at Thurmont

Union Bridge

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From Thurmont West

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Thurmont, MD is just a few miles south of the Pennsylvania State Line (Mason-Dixon Line).  East of Thurmont are rolling hills, rich farm lands, and productive dairies.  West of Thurmont start the Mountains.

The Western Maryland found a path through those mountains; and that path did more than move freight across them; it opened up new visions of the land for people who lived in the cities.

Here are some photos of the trip to the mountains from Thurmont, Maryland.

Heading west through Thurmont, MD.  The Catoctin Mountains are in the background.  Somewhere in those mountains, Camp David is located. The railroad goes under Highway 15 North on its way to the mountains. This is the first railroad bridge heading west on Highway 550.  Notice the faded Western Maryland in white on the bridge.
You feel like you are going to hit this bridge as you drive west, but the road dips just before going under it. This is the same bridge showing the height above Owens Creek and the highway. About 100 yards or so before and after the bridge in the previous cell, the track was laid with every third tie made of metal!  Any thoughts?
Walking west (and uphill) on the tracks, I found this signal which is obviously not being used. The Union Switch and Signal Company still exists, but in a different corporate name. As you look across this bridge uphill, to the left is Owens Creek; one of the trout streams in Mayrland.  This creek is stocked every year with a couple of thousand trout.

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