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Transportation in Washington County

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Trolleys in Washington County



Another era in transportation in Washington County is past that of the trolley car.

Trolleys made their appearance in Hagerstown in 1888. In 1889, tracks were laid to Williamsport and then up West Washington Street to the city line. Next they went around the loop, up North Potomac Street to Fairground Avenue, down Fairground to Mulberry, south on Mulberry to Antietam Street, up Antietam to Potomac and back to the Square.

In 1900-01, the tracks were extended to Funkstown, stopping at the Antietam Creek Bridge. Finally, they were continued to Boonsboro and, in 1904, across the mountain to Myersville, connecting with the Frederick line.

The trolley system in this area reached its peak as an industry in 1913 when all lines were consolidated into the Hagerstown and Frederick Railway. The system then had some one hundred and fifty miles of inter-urban and suburban lines.

The decline of the trolley began in the 1920's with the growing popularity of the automobile. However, it would still be nearly two decades before the trolley car passed from the scene. But on August 6, 1947, the last trolley, number 178, made its run from Public Square to Williamsport. It was the end of an era in transportation for Washington County.

Reprinted from:

"It Happened in Washington County" by Reuben L. Musey; published by the Washington County Chamber of Commerce, 1976; pp 89-97

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