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30" gauge logging railroads in California the Yosemite Short Line was unique in the U.S., having been conceived as a 30" gauge passenger-carrying common carrier railroad. Site also has information on other 30" RRs
A Brief History of Logging in New Brunswick Page of this history with some wood cuts.
Adirondack Logging with Linn Tractors A history of the LinnTractor and loggin in the Adirondack mountains.
Curtisville History and Geneology Website Curtisville, Michigan logging history with camp information and photos and lumber jack and pioneer terms
Floating Longleaf Pine to the Sawmill A little over 100 years ago, there were no trucks and few railroads. Those roadways that did exist …
Forestry Forum Information on sawmills, logging, etc.
From the Forest to the Mill Logging with Horses. A Log Sled. Trucks were the major technological advance -- pictures
HISTORY and ROLE of THE PACIFIC LOGGING CONGRESS The Pacific Logging Congress, founded in 1909, is an association of representatives from the logging side of the forest industry in western United States and British Columbia.
History of Logging in Oregon Information on logging history and current logging and its affect on Oregon.
History of Logging: An Influential Industry Logging was one of the most influential industries in the history of the Mississagi River Valley.

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