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Muddy Branch Creek

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Muddy Branch Creek

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Autumn Near the Kentlands 2002


Muddy Branch Creek runs through Montgomery County near the Kentlands in Maryland.

Muddy Branch is an existing stream valley greenways beginning in Gaithersburg and connecting to the Potomac River. The corridor is owned by M-NCPPC and the city of Gaithersburg. A connection to the Rock Creek Greenways is planned. A trail linking Blockhouse Point Park and the C&O Canal National Historical Park has been proposed.

[From 2000 Edition Maryland Greenways Commission]

The earliest record I have found mentioning Muddy Branch Creek is in the "Duke of York Record".  The transcription says:

"Survey by Walter Wharton for William Taylor for 100 acres of land called Whitwell’s Chance, located north of the southernmost branch of Duck Creek, bordering White Hall, Muddy Branch, and Duck Creek."

"Nathaniel Wickham Jr. and Samuel Pettinger were patented 1,400 acres on Muddy Branch and were among the earliest settlers in the Montgomery County area.  In 1723, Prince George's County ordered Wickham to lay out a road from his plantation to the mouth of Seneca Creek and another road from his house to Sugarland."  [Richard K. MacMasters and Ray Eldon Heibert, "A Grateful Rememberance: The Story of Montgomery County, Maryland 1776-1976".]

The original information including a graphic of the survey can be found at the State of Delaware's site.

"Moved to Edward's Ferry October 21, 1861, thence to Muddy Branch October 26. Duty there until December 2. " [From History of the Zouaves d' Afrique & the 114th PA]

"On the 17th [September 17, 1862] the regiment was posted along the Maryland side of the Potomac River in little camps of companies from Muddy Branch to Edward's Ferry, and ordered to guard the fords." [From Tenth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers web site.]

The next bit of information I have found deals with a Skirmish at Muddy Branch, Md. on June 29, 1863; a prelude to the Battle of Gettysburg.

About Sept. 15 [1863] the 3d Battalion under Major Thompson was transferred to Muddy Branch, Md., where it did picket and patrol duty during the fall and winter. [From "Second Mass Cavalry History"]

Companies "B," "D," "E" and "M" relieve Companies "C," "F," "G" and "I" [of the California 100 and the California Cavalry Battalion}at Muddy Branch March 8 [1864]. [From California 100 and the California Cavalry Battalion

The Izaak Walton League's National Headquarters is located on the edge of the Muddy Branch Creek Greenway.  They have a Save Our Streams Project which is very interesting.

I am very interested in the history of Muddy Branch Creek.  There is a road, which I believe is very old, generally on the western bank of the creek. 

If anyone has any information or suggestions about the history of this creek and road, please do not hesitate to contact me. Email

Below are links to pages of pictures I have taken of the creek -- enjoy!

Muddy Branch Creek page 1

Muddy Branch Creek page 2

Muddy Branch Creek page 3

Muddy Branch Creek page 4

Muddy Branch Creek page 5

Muddy Branch Creek page 6

Muddy Branch Creek page 7

Muddy Branch Creek page 8

Muddy Branch Creek with Rain

Muddy Branch Creek with Snow

Muddy Branch Creek Autumn/Winter


The numbers under each picture are frame numbers.

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